Monday, May 16, 2005

How to stop your cat from peeing where they like

Jennifer say:

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I am not a pro with cats yet but i read website regarding this matter. Here what my cat,sweetie think abt peeing and poo(but sweetie never use any litter box)
Sweetie say:"
1) I do not like my cat litter, so smelly, wonder how can i pee in them.. just like ur toilet when you do not flush

2) Please place my litter box in its usual place.. dun place it near my bed or my dinnin area

3) I like other places to pee.. current location of my box do not suit me..

4) If u have the patience, toilet trained me..i think my other cat family can do that but not me..
here one good fotos of my 'buddy, blackie' using the toilet: think i never learn as i has a lazy owner

5)i need to identify my territorial area..the place i pee belong to me...

6) owner found that cats dislike orange and banana peels.. wonder if my owner will use the banana peel on me.HELP, our house got lot of it on area where i like to pee to see the before and after effect." ENDED

That what i know from the website... i think toilet trainin sound nice but i really lazy to train sweetie.. i wil try to train her to use the toilet water area to poo next time..she alreadi know how to pee there..

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