Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Animal Kingdom

Jennifer say:

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nothing to post but i feel like typing sometine to post. i just feed little white ears down my block. It is rice mixed with chicken meat---rejected food from our princess sweetie. sweetie startin to be picky abt food..refuse to eat plain chicken without her favourite fish. but little white ears is really hungry, eaten all the rice with meat v quick.

There new addition to the stray family down the park. There are two new cats--both cow colour---black and white. The little orange kitty is adopted by someone whom find her cute, her brother is also adopted, another brother has find little white ears as his foster father.

Auntie Linda has asked me to feed the strays if she not free. "Ok" i say.... Feed them at 9 plus so that the sobbish animal haters will not complain abt how we mess up the floor with cat food. So yucky that some idoits have called SPCA to take away little black nose (my favorite stray)... he gone for many months since Feb..wonder how his fate..i will read the strait times classified in case little black nose picture turned up for adoption..hopefully.

I not seen miao yiyi for months too since sweetie come to long stay in our house.. i am glad the three kittens are in good hands.. Ah ring--not so worried abt him as he can be quite friece. Little cooked head still hang around our block hoping to see his sweetheart,sweetie again..haa..hee..we kidnapped his sweetheart. Jackfruit as usual is still that fat..last time he ate my cat food that i offered to him.

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Kai Ling said...

So sad... little black nose gone liao

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