Monday, May 16, 2005

PiPi when the rain get U

Jennifer say:

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Today sweetie went for the morning pee n poo.. when the rain come..father ran off to jog and poor sweetie has disappeared when dad come back. In the end, dad come to see if sweetie come to find us herself..but NO..

so mum woke me up and say little kitten missing..i woke up and tie my messy hair before taking the lift down to find sweetie.. i cannot see her anywhere esp in the heavy rain..then dad come down with two umbrella and dad went to see the drain to see if sweetie hiding under the drain..

well i observed the drain, fill with flowing water and so obviously sweetie will not be silly enough to hide under the drain.

Just when i about to give up, i decide to open the umbrella and see the brush if i can find sweetie.. then i saw sweetie body..white, brown.

i squat down and pull sweetie out..poor girl, she wet all over and she felt cold..i hug her and enter the lift. back at home, i bath her with warm water to keep her warm. She so silly again, getting wet in the rain.

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