Friday, October 14, 2005

Is your cat crazy--John Wright--Chapter 8

Jennifer say:

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Chapter 8: Outside cats, outside agitators

1) Always decide if u want to let ur home cat go out. A vet always advise you not to do so ..not to let ur cat out as outside cats may have unknown illness that can be passed to ur home cat

2) If ur cat meow too loud, u can place a piece of acrylic plastic to the outside of ur bedroom door or where the cat is in to shut down the noise level.

3) If you decide to bring home a former outside cat indoor, ( u allow ur cat to stay outside ur house whole day but now decide to end it outside life), bring it home for 2 hours every day. Increase the time by one hour every day. Distract the cat by playing with it while she is indoor. Feed her also while she indoor. The activities will help ease the transition. Do not feel sorry for the cat if she keep meowing for u to open the door. otherwise the plan wil fail.

4) or u can make ur cat wear a harness and leash to take it outside.

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