Monday, October 10, 2005

Is your cat crazy--John Wright--Chapter 4

Jennifer say:

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It now to chapter 4-Eating Habits Weird and Wonderful

1) Cats are naturally nibblers. Active cats prefer to eating to food between 12 to 20 very small portions a day. They are diurnal eaters which means they eat during the day and the night. That is why they prefer to be fed "ad lib" rather than only at fixed mealtimes two or three times a day with the food removed. Your cat should have food that won't spolit and fresh water available at all times. If you ignore your cat's natural eating preferenes and take the bowl away after a few minutes, you run the risk of allowing a bad habit to develop. The cat will learn the only way to get enought food is to race up to the bowl when you set it down, gobble it up as much as possible before you snatch it away.

2) Feeding Cat a menu:
Breakfast: cut up potion of romaine lettuce
Other times: high-bulk, low-calorie cat food.

3) Dun offered only a certain food to kittens..trained it to eat many variety of foods. Kittens exposed to a variety of three or more food during the first 8 weeks are more likely to prefer a variety later on. Kittens like to try new foods- but will continue eating them only if they really like the flavour after a couple of different meals. By eleven weeks, they typically become more rigid about what they will accept.

4) Some cats have ingestive problem where they eat anything eg clothes. Normally if u can lower the stress, keep the cat from being hungry and makie whatever the cat is eating taste bad or be unattractive in some way, we can reduce the problem..


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