Friday, October 14, 2005

Is your cat crazy--John Wright--Chapter 12 & C 13

Jennifer say:

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Chapter 12: Hatred, revenge, and inflexible felines

1) Cats whom dun adapt well to sudden changes in the house will misbehave

2) Cats organize their behaviour around certain daily activities. All kittens do this, but some are more adaptable to changes but some are not. Some get so locked into a pattern of activity that they become almost compulsive. If they are thwarted in any way, they get upset. Gettin upset lead to arousal, which lead to spraying or urinating or defecating outside the box or other misbehaviour.

3) Cat's behaviour oraganised round a stimulus events that become almost synchronized with her activities, thus we can predict what the cat is going to do day after day.

4) House moving can affect a cat behaviour too. A certain cat keep going back to her owner old house even though the owner had shift house.

5) A disruption of stable pattern of behaviour introduces stress, which leads to dysfunctional behaviour. A solution is to reintroduce stabilty and a routine of doing the same things in the same way.

Chapter 13: Babies, kittens, dogs and other surprises (last chapter)

1)Bring a new born baby to a house with cat may sometime make the cat stressful. A cat may be attracted to a new born smell--milky smell and sniff the baby.

2) Always introduce the baby to the cat slowly. A way to introduce cats to new born to get used to her cyring is this way:

Record the baby cryin in a tape and play it in soft tune to the cat.Play with the cat while the tape is been played. Play the tape 4 time daily. Then over time, increase the volume of the tape till it is exactly as if teh baby is crying inside the room. By then , the cat has get used to teh crying

3) always praise the cat while she around with the baby. Play with it too with the baby inside.

4) Some animal behaviorists found that some ppl prefer their cat not to enter the baby room. So they placed a new object that the cat not seen before outside the door of the baby room. at the same time, a loud speaker is set up to startle the cat when it approaches the room. After two trials, the cat will avoid the room without any loud sound whenever the cat saw the object u placed outside room.

I done with my entries for the books..the rest of chapter 13 is how to make a cat and dog stay together. since i do not have dogs , i ignored the reading and entries too.

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