Friday, October 14, 2005

Is your cat crazy--John Wright--Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Blame Me-I have a note from the doctor

1) Case study:There a guy with AIDs whom was adviced by Wright to have a catsitter so that the cat will not endanger the owner. The owner ran a risk of infection from cat bites or stratches or bacteria in the urine or feces. There also the danger of toxoplasmosis. (wonder what this meant). Wright told the owner of this organisation based in San Franciso called PAWS that deals with dogs and cats and educates their owners concerning all zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to persons with weakened immune systems. Volunteer can go to the homes of AIDS patient and take care of their pets, cleaning their litter box and so forth, so the risk of owner is minimized and they can continue to keep their beloved pets.

2) Cats misbehaviour can sometimes be created by health problem that the cats have. A vet examination is a MUST if the cat misbahaves.

3) If a cat has an aggressive temperament, it will bite and attack people. The solution is to help defuse the cat's apparent anger by a quiet zone, tossing toys, frequent hold of cat, and pet the cat frequently followed by praise.

4) A behaviour problem stems from a physical one is that of the cat who eliminate all over the house. The first thing wright reccommend for this cat is a vet examination. The vet may discover a viral or fungal infection, a bacterial infection, renal failure or a disease such as diabetes. Or the cat might have a neuromuscular disorder that renders him unable to maintain control over his sphincter muscle during elimination.

Urinary-tract infections and other maladies including constipation and diarrhea can cause a cat pain or discomfort.

5) Sometimes a cat may eliminate elsewhere because of one bad experience with his litter box. This cause it to change to a new location to eliminate.

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