Friday, October 14, 2005

Is your cat crazy--John Wright--Chapter 11

Jennifer say:

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Chapter 11: When bad things happen to good cats:getting Past Traumatic Events

1) One way to train two cats to accept each other is to get two cat carriers. Place the two cats around 15 feet apart, facing one another inside their cage. Place them facing like 3 to 4 time per day with 30 min inside the cage each time. Each day, move the cage a bit closer together. If either cat reacted fearfully to the other with growling dilated eyes, fur standing on end, move the cage further again. Place food inside the cage to keep the cat feel good abt one other company. Gradually each cat will see one another without any fear.

2) If u cat fear a cat carrier, leave the carrier in ur house for ur cat to examine in various location. let him sniff and put a couple of cat treats inside to lure him in. After a few days, the cat should be jumpin in and out the box to get his food treats. When u reach this point, pick up the container and carry it for a few feet. The repeat the routine with the lid closed. Dont move too quickly. If he jump out of the cage, let him out and try again later.

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