Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good & Bad Cat food - dry

Jennifer say:

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VenganCat recommended me to this site to find out more abt the brand of different cat food:


Science diet consist of by-products that are unfit for comsumption. It sound horrible. i will need to change my cat food again..

i had already changed mine three times:
Whiskas to Friskies to Science Diet
The prices also range differently:
$6.60 to $5.90( or $7.00 now) to $15.00

See how expensive is Science diet.
Vegcat recommended Natural Balance- i will check the price when i go to SN this sunday..need to top up cat food again.

Other than Natural Balance, i wonder what other choice i had--i read in the forum that buying premium food is a good investment as it protect ur cat from later vet treatment from unsafe food.

I am currently doing a quick research on Nature Balance..and come upon this website of the different brands:


All the logos look so attractive but the content and quality of the food say otherwise.

Premium Dry food for ur cats:

Natural Balance is definitly a premium food, i may switched to NB.

Still lookin for more info

(After 10 minutes)

Comparsion of different brands from A to Z:

Hmm..too much choice, i not yet decided on what to buy..but i definitly buying premium food.

(After 5 minutes)

I am so excited, i just found a very good site of the ingredients of cat food: (it actually list what different ingredients meant and how good is it for ur cat)

(After 15 minutes)
I ended up with unlimited links for "premium dry cat food, my research for 'No by-products cat food" ended up better..

This link give the top preimum food with no by-products..
I think i will buy:
Natural Balance, Nature Choice or Natura

Natura seem like a good brand:
Their website said they used food fit for human comsumption meaning no By-products:

Nature brand include: innova, Callifornia Natural and Healthwise..

Ok rite, i am done with my research. Rather happy to learn so much abt by-products.

**Credit vegancat for telling me abt by-products and its harm to cats...

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coboypb said...

Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing with us the useful information. I have tried Friskies, Nutro and Whiskas. I realised a few of the community cats don't like the red oddly shaped bits in Whiskas nowadays. As I still have half a bag of Whiskas, I am now mixing it with the Nutro's dry cat food. A pack of 1kg Nutro is $11.80 @ Pet Kampong @ Novena Square. Pet Lovers is selling it for more than $12. I will check out Natural Balance the next time I hit the pet shops :>

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