Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Graphics CATS websites & More Cat stories

Jennifer say:

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I added a number of websites with cute cat graphics including amination cats. A number of the sites have very cute picture of animation cats. It can be found in my sidebar. once u clicked the cute kitten, u can visit the sites. (noted that some sites got pop-up ads)

Back to my community cats, i still feeding the usual four that i feed daily-baibai, ginger, nana and baby.well..i used to called them 'stray' till i visited dawn blog to learn of this nicer name for them.

Big head had not appeared for many days, wonder what happend to him. He had found a new location - near the ground floor unit of my block. I think he was taken inside the house and adopted by the malay family-that what i think since i never chat with the malay family down my block.

Baibai's wound has recovered, now look pinkish and there is fur growing back slowly.

Baby as usual follow ginger around- back to our block. so cute to see baby playing with ginger. They are actually siblings. Ginger was adopted by a lady named doris but unfortunately ginger make too much noise, fearing the safety of doris other two cats, (well..HDB do not allow cats in home) so Ginger needed to be in the wild. Initally, ginger did meow very loudly (for a long time) and hide in the drain. But soon, he become more happy and his meow although was still very loud, is not so frequent. He always meow loudly when he saw is his unique way of saying "Hi" to us. I think ginger look happier in the wild..he used to be very thin, now he grow fatter. I had been feeding him chicken soup for days and he enjoy eating chicken meat that i deboned the meat daily.

here is playful ginger foto again(similar one that i used the last time since i do not have the other fotos)

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Singapore Buddhist Lodge has three to five cats. All are sterilized. A certain cat (orange taddy) is now a official temple cat. The high monk has given her a name called 'miao hua'. Apparently, miao hua (Big ring as i called him) always sit in the main hall, listening to the chants. This is so called"has a fate with buddha" (if u translate in chinese). There is another black cat that equally tame. I love the big white cat with lovely blue eyes the most. He rubbed me at our first sweet. Those cats are really lucky to have such a nice place to live and with the blessing of the monks, they lived a rather secure life.

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