Sunday, December 11, 2005

New Cat Food for the 'Meow Meows'

Just came back from SN buying a pack of Aristo-cats brand dry cat for the community cats. I also bought a blue pouch that sister said look like sweetie and is cute. She even 'predicted' that i will buy the baby blue one as i always buy anything in blue.

I also going to buy nutro natural choice the next time i go to SN. not much info i can get abt aristo-cats except for the disney aristo-cats. Aristo-cats brand cost $6, the same price as whiskas. I am rather surprised that the new pet shop that i went to buy just now has a cheaper price range. Whiskas cost $7 at petmart while the shop i went to sell for only $6. I cannot get much info for aristo-cats dry food. The last time, the pet shop owner told me that aristo-cats wet canned food is good and i bought a can. I already had three cans of wet food but i had yet to feed sweetie and DD with the wet food. Mum said that wet canned food that is preserved food is not good for the cats. We always feed them white rice mixed with brown rice together with their favourite steam fish that mum bought from the mkt for 1kg - $5. The dry food that i bought today had a free canned aristo wet food. The cans are reserve food in case we went out and do not have time to prepare their food. I usually warm up the rice and mix the fish like baby food for my cats.

i buying the nutro brand later since i cannot be carrying 2 kg of cat food and walked all the way back to my house.
Nutro natual choice cost $13 ( i think but not more than $15). At first, i though of buying natural balance but it going to cost $35. Got budget to consider. I did a quick research again on nutro.i did that the last time but this time round, i already visited the pet shops to know the brands they are selling. I narrowed the two brands that i saw to IMAS and Nutro. IMAS as i found out just now is also similar to Science diet with BY-PRODUCT that are equally 'disgusting' to both me and the cats. Nutro seem a cheaper alternative for my cats.

See what the reviews say:
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KL said...

Hopefully the kitties will like their new food and that it will be healthy for them all!

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