Sunday, December 25, 2005

NaNa On A house visit

Jennifer say:

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should have post this on Friday when Nana came to our house. It seem that Nana Seem to have ESP. Nana had came to find our unit on the 8 floor 4 times. All times were discovered by my dad whom went out early to jog.

1) The first time, my dad spotted nana hiding under our pots of plants. Nana ran away before we can woke up to feed her. was 6 or 5 am plus in the morning.

2) The second time, dad saw nana in the corridor outside our unit and woke us up. Nana was meowing loudly when i carried the 6 or 7 kg cat inside our flat.

3) dad spotted nana in the 4 floor but she did not ran up to our 8 floor

4) this is friday where nana was meowing again when she saw dad.

We never once bring nana back to our flat so it is really a mystery why nana can find our unit. this only answer is nana know ESP. ha...

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Nana busily eating. See how cute she is

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After food, it is grooming time

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More grooming like curling like a snake

I think my sister has more picture of nana in her laptop but i can only use those pictures i found in her blog.

Oh and yes, after eating, Nana kept standing near the door asking to be let free. Once i opened the door, she rushed out. I had to follow her and bring her down to her usual hideout to ensure she does not hang around other ppl corridor.In between floor, she would suddenly stopped to groom her beautiful fur. I need to kept calling her to follow me. Finally, i managed to coax her to walk all the way down from the 8 floor to the first floor. . Good exercise for both nana and me.


KL said...

Yippee! Nana is so clever

coboypb said...

Jennifer, Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year for you, your family and the cats!

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