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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -2005

Jennifer say:

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I had just finished watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It's of course a new re-made movie starring Johnny Depp as the Famous owner of the chocolate factory, Willy Wonka. The 1971 version had Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.
This is a review of the 1971 version (That i did not seen before or i forget i seen it):

As all can recalled, this movie is taken from Roald Dahl book of the same name. I loved Ronal Dahl books, he's one of my best actor when i was young.
Gene was rather unhappy abt the new remake version of "Charlie and the chocolate Factory", i wonder why he was unhappy in the first place. Without this new movie, ppl would never recall that he was the original actor as Willy in the first place. The orginal movie was made in 1971..that was donkey years ago.
This is how Johnny tried to defend himself against Gena remarks:

I am rather impressed with Johnny depp as Willy Wonka. His expression esp when he tried to stop the children from doing something wrong was funny and it alway ended up that the wrong was done when he said: "Little boy" or "little girl" and the "notty" girl or boy always did what willy try to stop but failed.

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Reviews by others:
This person did not really like the 2005 version:
In the movie, Willy said this: : "Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible."
(I think that this is only a movie, why care about what Willy said when the whole place is so beautiful, the movie part where willy said this is in a green field filled with edible chocolate.
This is a reviews by a number of ppl.

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Let me start with the storyline:

5 children from all parts of the world whom won the "Golden tickets" for eating Wonka Chocolate were invited to Willly Chocolate factory that was the world largest factory.

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Augustus Gloop (Philip Wiegratz) was the first to discover the ticket. He loved to eat chocolate and was v happy when he bit a corner of the golden ticket off.
His "Fate" in the chocolate Factory:
Being a greedy boy, he dropped into the chocolate factory and was sucked to the chocolate making room.

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eruca Salt (Julia Winter) was the second person. She was a spolit brat born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She demanded her father to give her the ticket. Her father made his factory operators open tons of chocolate before finding the second tickets.
Her "fate" in the factory:
She tried to steal a squirrel whom was cracking nuts despite willy warning. The squirrels treated her as bad nut and dumped her into the garage area.

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Violet Beauregarde (Annasophia Robb) was the third person. She was a "boxer". She boxed herself to one ticket.
Her "Fate" in the factory:
She eaten a chewing gum that had all flavours and bloated up like a blueberry.

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Mike Teavee (Jordan Fry) was the forth person to win the ticket. He was a video game addict.
His "Fate" in the factory:
He refused to listen to Willy and entered room where he was transported to a mini version.

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Charlie (Freddie Highmore) was the last person and the winner of the gift that Willy promised to give to one lucky kid. He was born poor. He managed to pick a note to buy the lucky chocolate to the last golden ticket.
Being the last kid (others was in trouble), Willy asked him to be the owner of the chocolate factory. Charlie refused as this meant seperation from his family. Willy did not understand why family was so important till Charlie asked willy to find Willy's dad. Willy's dad did not want willy to be so engrossed in chocolate but willy refused to listen and leave home to seek his fortune. He was rather successful in his chocolate factory. Willy find that his dad still love him.
The story ended with willy, charlie and charlie's family eating dinner inside the chocolate factory. so charlie did get the chocolate factory.

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Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. He is the owner of the chocolate factory and a genius inventor. He choose to leave home to fulfil his dream of chocolate despite the objection of his father. He was rather afraid of his father. Many times for the children whom were invited to the factory, Willy refused to say the word "parents". When Willy realised his chcolate had lost the taste and there was a downfall of business, it was Charlie whom made willy know that he need his father love. Willy and his dad were reunited when Charlie and him took the glass lift to find Willy's father.

Now, what is so interesting abt this movie is the new fascination that Roald Dahl came up with: 1) The Chocolate is made of waterfall and there a river of chocolate flowing inside the factory. 2) There is a transparent lift that can move to any floor, up, down, left, right, and in the air. 3) Whipped cream meant whipping the cow for milk.(well, sound cruel) 4) Training squirrels to crack nuts. The squirrels are real and really trained for 6 months to crack nuts. here the link of the training: 5) A new innovation where TV viewers can grab chocolate rite from the TV to be eaten. 6) Chewing gum of all flavour (this sound like harry potter) 7) A place full of edible stuff-This is the first part of the factory tour 8) Sheep with pink fur to be made into cotten candy 9) A machine that suck the chocolate river directly into the chocolate making room 10) Finding oompa-loompas ppl to work for Willy because cocon beans were the tiny ones'whoship' item. (It sound interesting to have tiny ppl working for you) Well..comparision are for the better despite the bad review abt this new movie. I think this year 2005 has many movie remade: The house of wax, Charlie and the chocolate factory and amityville horror.

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The tiny pple are called Oompa-Loompas. You have their name on one of the pictures (where there are about eight small pictures)above.

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