Friday, February 08, 2013

#08(Part 2/2)/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 153 Serabgoon Nth on 08/02/2013★农历12月29日★ event:实龙岗北村庄新春联欢2013★ Host: Qi Xian★ Band - 飞鹰大乐队★

Jennifer say:


Today Getai Star: 3★( 5 stars the max)Took bus 25 to nearby my kampong to watch. I prefer to watch under tentage in unpredictable weather like today. Just now, had to brave heavy rain to reach Blk 527 AMK. really fear the rain on my head. Giving 3 stars coz there is full tentage, chairs provided and a large stage for performance. This is what i am looking for. Those whom know me know i never run to many places to watch but tonight is special as firstly, i am alone since mum is busy with CNY chores and secondly, the two getai locations are quite near.

★Time watched: 8.35 pm to 10.05 pm.

★Favourite Singer: None

★Host Tonight: Qi Xian. no comment.

★Today Crowd: Not too many people but definitely with chairs and tentage, the crowd is larger than AMK one.

★Videos upload to youtube: None

★Details of Getai - nothing happening tonight but very coincidence to see Chen Xiao Xin twice tonight. once in AMK and once in Serangoon north..haha...

 photo DSCN8109_zps7c722384.jpg My location

 photo DSCN8110_zpsa2987976.jpg Chen Xiao Xin

 photo DSCN8114_zpse92f631c.jpg LV sisters, they are repeating too much of one of their teochew songs.. very bad habit when singers overdo this.
- edited on 22.02.2014, just received a nice message from LV sisters, apparently audience enjoy their teochew songs so often, that song will be hear that often. From my perspective view as an audience, there are two types of getai audience - the 'watch often' audience and the 'watch nearby only' audience. I belong to the first group so very often, i get to hear repeated songs more often. At this stage i am watching, i think same songs can be repeated with different bands, different stage and different group of audience.

 photo DSCN8131_zpse0616555.jpg Wang Bi Hua

 photo DSCN8141_zps8bf30ba2.jpg Zhu Li Li

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