Saturday, May 24, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 大马西江月歌仔戏剧团- 戏名:赵飞燕夺皇位,24.05.14, 农历四月二六

Jennifer say:

First time watching 江月歌仔戏剧团. I usually watching only Taiwan opera or opera with Taiwanese actors. Tonight there are quite a number of taiwan actors. Quite the story a bit too long-wing esp toward the ending. I dun enjoyed tonight performance, i think i dun like the story plot mah, not say the performance. The performance is nice esp the taiwan actor, 陳昕宇. His 小生 look is quite charming.

 photo DSCN6812_zpsd45ec093.jpg

 photo DSCN6814_zps5d210338.jpg The King's advisor is said to have Yin Yang eyes and he had advised the king to kill 赵飞燕 as he see an prediction that she will take over the king's place in future.

 photo DSCN6827_zps932eb3ff.jpg The Queen begged for the king not to kill feiyan. As a result, Feiyan was asked to leave the palace.

 photo DSCN6831_zps0292bacc.jpg

 photo DSCN6837_zps4e432965.jpg

 photo DSCN6839_zpsf5353dc5.jpg

 photo DSCN6843_zpsb2c5938b.jpg

 photo DSCN6848_zps999e50f8.jpg The prince meet his mother and wanted to bring her home

 photo DSCN6851_zps81d37d69.jpg

 photo DSCN6854_zps36849cf4.jpg Fei Yan returned to the palace when the queen said good words for her

 photo DSCN6859_zps65547410.jpg She is furious at the adviser for suggesting the king to kill her.

 photo DSCN6862_zpsf5f05f1f.jpg

 photo DSCN6864_zps3f59780c.jpg Feiyan was casted into 冷宫. As a result, she plot to take over the crown.

 photo DSCN6867_zpsda260bbb.jpg Evil officer plot with feiyan

 photo DSCN6872_zps0f5ef5a1.jpg

 photo DSCN6884_zps49149a7c.jpg

 photo DSCN6886_zps1232c3bf.jpg Fei Yan siblings assisted in the overpowering of the king and his soliders

 photo DSCN6899_zpsf0f36141.jpg The queen is full of regret for helping feiyan to re-enter the palace.

 photo DSCN6910_zpsc8ed65da.jpg The king was forced to leave the palace.

 photo DSCN6914_zps908838ac.jpg

 photo DSCN6916_zps793e2b03.jpg

 photo DSCN6918_zpsb16c7cd1.jpg The King become a monk

 photo DSCN6922_zps0a2e7fe0.jpg The advisor asked the queen to ask her brother to help her take back the crown.

 photo DSCN6926_zps07f7ea91.jpg

 photo DSCN6930_zpsf646ad88.jpg The queen's brother assisted her. In the end, feiyan killed herself.

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