Monday, February 21, 2005

Chen meiyun taiwan opera Night 3 - 纸新娘

Jennifer say:

Today show is called: Paper bride

Here the story:

Two sisters, xiao ling and xiao juan were washing clothes beside the river. They belong to a poor family where their only father was sick. A squire and his servant passing by the river saw the two sisters. Xiao juan is the elder sister and the squire like her to be his daughter in law. A marriage was arranged between Xiaojuan dad and the squire and juan dad received 100 tales as drowny.The daughter was v pleased to know she marrying a rich guy. Unkown the xiaojuan, her husband was already died ten years ago.

The squire went back to his house and told his only son the marriage bwt his elder brother and xiaojuan. the son try to persuade his father to drop the marriage but his dad insisted on a marriage as his dead son would have been 20 and xiaojuan was 18 so he wish for a wife to burn incense to his son after he died.

The marriage took place as placed and the son carried his brother tablet to the new bride room. Xiaojuan still did not know she marrying onli a tablet and when she learnt the truth, she was devasted and left the house. The squire went back to find juan and told her dad that if juan refused to come back, her dad need to pay him 50 tales but being poor, juan had no choice but to went back to the squire house to be a living widow.

Xiaojuan soon grow ill after 3 months as she was heart broken. The son (second son) was v nice to her and keep buyin medicine to juan whom refused to drink the medicine. Juan died shortly after but the son did not told juan dad abt the death. The squire insisted on a grand burial where pure gold would be wear by juan. A greedy wife of the squire house servant on hearing that juan would be wearing gold as her husband to broke the coffin and steal the gold. So poor juan was striped to the v last piece of clothes where her clothes that was wore by her and all the golds were stolen. Her body was left in the wild. A 'bajiazi'(good for nothing) guy named X (duno his name) happen to see juan body and sawing she left without clothes, he gave him his own clothes and burried her.

Now X was not only a gambler but also love to borrow money from his aunt. His dad had died so his aunt raised him from young. X was asked to return money he borrowed within 3 days or he will be hacked into pieces. So X went to find his aunt to borrow money. But his aunt refused. So X lied that he goin to get marry and his wife is expectating. The aunt was v pleased to know that and give X 300 tales. X cousin (X auut daugher)know X was just lieing and X even told her that he lied.

One day, X aunt decided to pay X a visit. X cousin went to find X before her mother arrived. X cousin was told by X that if her mother know the truth, she may had stroke and need big medical bills so X cousin think of a idea to cheat her mother. X cousin (let called her lim,duno her name also) find a paper bride (the one where it is usually beside coffin..called jintongyuni) to act as a bride as she know her mother is short sighted. The paper bride was placede on X bed. Her mum arrived and wanted X to show her his new wife. X aunt went to the bed and out of sudden, a live girl was come to greet her.. Lim was v scared and when her mum asked lim to greet the girl, lim screamed the greeting out before rushing out of the house crying ghost.

Actually the girl (paper bride) is xiaojuan spirit. She possessed the paper bride to receive favour to X whom gave her clothes when her body was left in the wild. The story went back to xiaoling (juan younger sister) whom pay a visit to juan house. Xialing then learn juan had died from the son. Xiaoling draw a protrait for the son to pray incense to juan.

The story goes back to juan spirit whom asked X to take part in the coming imperial exam thought it left only 6 months before the exam. But juan managed to help X pass the exam and become the new scholar.

Lim (x cousin) meet the squire son whom agreed to marry her. Lim then asked the son why one particular room was always shut. so the son told her the death of his sister in law and his brother. On seeing the protrait of Juan, Lim told the son that X wife had also the same look and same name.. They decide to find X to clear thing up. X meanwhile took his paper bride back to find juan dad and sister. Juan ask X that she stay in the sedan till her dad forgive her. X then told juan dad that he bring juan back but her dad was shocked as he say juan had alreadi died, how come X still claim he married Juan. When X went to the sedean to find Juan, he only found a paper bride with a letter. The letter was written by juan whom thanked X for his kindness in helpin her wearing clothes and she coming to help X. Lim and her husband whom arrived in juan house (they went to X house and learn from Lim mum that X gone to Juan house). In juan letter, juan wished X will take care of xiaoling and so X decided to marry xiaoling. The truth was also discovered that juan was actually the paper bride.

End of story. i took fotos of their fantansic customs.. they comin again in mar too. i will go to watch more of these opera esp taiwan ones that v well performed.

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