Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Finding Nemo...

Jennifer say:

Under the sea...Yipee..it my fishes turn for blog...I like goldfish better not that i have goldfish eyes as what my sis say..but those with bubble head are extremely cute..i used to have 8 such goldfishes..they even lay eggs that did not survive except for one poor baby that swim rather funni till it died..sadly one by one, my fishes died..gues it old age but they are mostly v cute..

My dad is a so called fish doctor but i think his teacher is a 80 half blind old guy that give his every students A* for 'showing pity' to him by turnin in class becoz..dad is such a lousy fish doctor..i doubt he ever been one..all his fishes are half dead swimmin in dirty water before he decide to change e water..and sometime after some naggin from me... or mum.

We use to have oscar fish...now i wonder what oscar award is so famous and why oscar fish is like fish mkt fishes..not valuable at all... we used to go to big canal to catch guppies for the big oscar fish... dad used to buy fishes too..i remember hiding those pregnant fishes till her babies hatched..but of course they never survive..one of the worse thin is i drop a guppy down the sink...yeah..mum opend the botton of the sink to wash and discover the dry guppy..it my fault..hee...but oscar too died....

i dun reali like oscar ..i prefer my 'rui' fish...i do not know the chinese name for this fish..but it supposed to be v good for recovery patients...bobtan, mum friend gave mum one but we keep the fish as pet for a long time as it v tame..it never splash water unlike other similar fish even if we do not give it water..sadly, we release it into the wild just like that...i think it too have cross the rainbow bridge now...yeah...dad also released the 3 'eat shit' fishes that stay with oscar into the wild with rui fishes...poor things..that time i am still bit young to feel sori for those fishes...except for those female guppies..hee

our last batch of goldfish is the long body type...not as cute as bubble headed but they are also cute.... they also died of old age..we have them for almost 1 year....fishes are v clever too..they always greet u with their shakin of the boby..shakin a boom boom....shake shake to show they need food

currently, we have havin lohan fishes...last year, there a madness of lohan where every fish shops sell those ugly lookin grey fishes... they can onli stay alone...we need a divider if we wan two inside the same tank..our house have 4...our xiao bai died .... two of the fishes are gift from my uncle and dad colleague...the other 3 is buy one...i like pinky better..she pink unlike her 3 siblings that grey like road... they got names too..xiao hei, vampire , puppy... currently our fish tank has two..and it is called boy home and girls home...as pinky n puppy are male.. vampire and xiao hei that both lie lot of disgusting eggs are females...yah..we just let the egg rot inside the water as they are v protective of their infetile eggs too..

now fish shop are all sellin back goldfishes..

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