Sunday, February 20, 2005

Chen Meiyun taiwanese opera Night 2 ~ 施公案

Jennifer say:

today i went to huangcheng miao with dad n mum again..this is my second night here..i start to love geizaixi esp their customs.. e chen meiyun opera is only here every 6 years so it a show not to be missed.

today show is callled "shigongan"..

the story begin with a poor man and his wife where the man need to got to capital to take exams... he then part with his wife and his mum... He was selected scholar of the year...scholar in Qing dystsy was selected every 3 years onli. The princess fall in love with the scholar surname shi at firs sight.. so the princess persuaded her mum, (emporor mum) to ask the emporor to arrange for a marriage... the emporor asked shi if he marry but shi say no...the emporor brother, wangye (prince) asked shi to swear to heaven that he is unmarried as e price suspected that at age 34, shi is sure to have a wife..shi lied that he is unmarried as he feared his promotion will be affected if he offended the princess.. so shi was selected fuma (princese husband).

one day, the prince (emporor brother) and his wife went horse ridin when they are attacked by a tiger...luckily, a young man that is later known as shi younger brother saved them..the prince told e young man that the name of this year scholar is called shi... on hearing this, e young man was v happi that his brother was the new scholar so e younger man ( shi an) went to tell e good news to shi's mum and wife..on hearing this happi news, both rushed to capital to find shi... Shi an arranged a inn for shi wife and mum... shi wife then go to find shi on her own.. On seein his wife, shi was shocked and ask his wife to leave him by throwin money to her and told her he married to princess.. the wife at first thought that if she remained the offical first wife, the princess can be the second wife..but the heartless shi say that the princes is of royal blood and his wife is not even fit to be the princess maid... so shi asked his servants to chase his wife away.. his wife was heart broken and told the new to shi mum whom scold shi for treatin them so badly.. Shi was afraid that his wife will tell the truth to the princess and went out to find her... his wife try to ask shi to give up his offical post but shi refused and drew a sword to try to kill his wife whom fled.... runing to escape, his wife meet shi mum whom try to stop shi from killin his own wife..shi accidentally killed his mum while at the same time, his wife was also killed by him. He dropped his sword when he heard voices comin... the voice was actually shi an whom discovered that his elder brother murdered his mum and wife... he seek revenage and went away..the corpses of the two bodies were discovered by a drunker whom took their bodies to be burried.

Shi an lauched a complaint against Shi by goin to the magistate whom is the prince.. Shi an told the prince the truth but the prince whom need to protect the royal image, say that under qing law, the prince will investiage but shi an need to be tortune under the hot burning oil wok whom shi an accep the wok punishement willingly..

the prince invited shi to his house and try to ask him abt the murder of his family.. shi try lieing but the prince was v alerted to discover the bad lies.. at this moment, the princess arrived and ask the prince to let her husband go .. but the prince refused.. so the princess ask her mum to come in personnal. the mum scold the prince for being ungrateful as the prince was actually an adopted child. out of no choice, the prince had to let shi go after his mum hit him on his head.

the prince find his father (current emporor father) to clear injustice in this case, his father then invited all his family to his bday party... while the party is taken place, the old father asked the prince to investiage the case by acting masgistate... the onli evidence is a sword that shi claimed he lost it at a clift.. so the prince need the bodies to have a proper trial... The drunker whom was lead by shi wife spirit went to the court and told them that he thought this is a coffin shop... shi wife spirit then whispered to the drunker of the murders.... the drunker then take the two bodies to court.. on seeing the bodies of his mum and wife, shi finally confessed of his relationship and was killed by the prince on court.

that the end of the story..quite interesting.tml i watchin paper bride..should be nicer too..

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