Sunday, February 13, 2005

Taiwan Geizai Xi

Jennifer say:

Well..this is my second day watchin geizai xi in live...before that i been watching VCD casted by yang lihua .. a v famous taiwan geizai acteress... well..for others whom are sobbish enough to commeht that geizai xi for the old and auntie, i will ask them to appreciate taiwan culture and the nature of how geizai songs are sung.. thought i half understand the words, i can still understand the story line.

yesterday at river hongbao, i onli watch a small i watched a whole a performance by taiwanese group called chen meiyun group performance... i am so fascinated by their customs esp the female huadan.. yesterday, i learn those male that act as female is called nandan... huadan is used for real female castin as female.. i do know a bit so and so but i love ancient clothes.. so i a great fan of TVB accient dramas and now geizai xi from taiwan.. today performance is called du hua hate father..(i think so) abt a woman, her two children are v poor so her husband left home to work..on his way, he save a v rich xiaojie whose father is a offical.. the xiaojie love at first sight and persuaded her father to give a fake imperial from emporor and forced the marriage.. the poor husband agreed as in accient time, to disacknowledge anything say by emperor is death. but he asked his father in law to allow him to go and meet his wife.. his new wife also wish to the story goes, the man slapped his son, the new wife slapped the man's son, the first wife vomit blood and died.... the man two children, a boy named hua and a daughter named lijun was left to fend for their own.. by a 'tragedy' that changed their poor fate, the daughger fall into the river and her brother try savin her but also dropped into e water ...luckily a man saved hua while lijun was saved by another rice funni how both were saved by rich taught hua matial arts....while the daugher becaome xiaojie...

the story rewind to 16 years after... the husband had a son that 16...let me called him x (i forget his name)...x meet the now grown up lijun whom is 20... and like her.. so he persuaded his father to let him marry a elder woman as wife..the wife bein the wicked mother( remember she forced the marriage and ask her husband to abandone his wife n children) agreed to pay for the marriage...... well.. of course lijun disagreed to the marriage... by chance, hua (lijun brother---they lost contact for 16 years) and his master daughter ( the one whom save him in the water) knocked at jun house... talk talk and serve tea... the master daughter then asked jun adopted mum what her daughter name... Tink tink...lijun... sound familiar name to hua so he asked the adopted mum if lijun is her nature daughter.. oh well.. at last sibling renuion party.. the brother on knowing x marraige to his sister, he played a trick on x.. the sedan arrived and hua imposed as the bride... on discovery, they fight and hua stab x accidentally... so hua was arrested and trial by his real father whom still duno his son is here.. on seeing hua face... there are exchanged of heated words and blah blah abt how his father had neglected his own family.. his father later saved hua secretly and set him free.. but the wicked 2nd wife use a arrow to try kill hua ...but e father take the arrow for his son.. so cry cry situation is seen here and at last after a lot of talk and scolding, the husband finally scolded his wife and left her in the floor whinning (cryin)...

that e end of the story.. sort of hard to understand if u did not watch... i capture 4 fotos of their beautiful customs.. wow..they got so many customs that so beautiful... if onli i can get to wear them.. but i need to paint my face like them too...i thought it is ok if i can wear them... heee

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