Friday, February 11, 2005

River hongbao

Jennifer say:

Today mum n i went to river hongbao at singapore river... before that, we took 132 to hougang... we went to hougang mall as mum bought her camera and we need film for our camera... digital camera is with blood whom claimed to have IMPORTANT events that he need to use for own use... we managed to get a film in HM after many closed shops. So we took MRT to Clarka Quay and we went to Bao Chi Gong temple in magazine Road... last time, i ken kiang go and shake the divition lot and got a medium lot..even though the lot did not ask me for a oil, the temple caretaker say must buy oil so today i finally offered a oil back.. there are quite a number of cute thing in that the lucky bag that cost $5 and the wishing well where u drop a coin into the dragon head and make a wish.

Then after our temple visit, we walk all the way to river hongbao.. it our second walk...last year, we also walk there after our waitressing at Ming Zhen resturant. It quite a nice walk considering that the sun is abt to set.. we meet 3 cats on our way and i feed each of them..those cats is one ah ring, xiao hei and garlic black.. they are vvv friendly..keep rubbin on my legs.. i took picture with xiao hei that do not wish to eat but wan to rub his fur against my legs and mum's legs..

next on river hongbao, we walk walk and see lot of crowd.. mum bought a hulu made from a china guy for a horse hulu with my name on it and the word ' Jin xiu qian cheng'... it cost $12... next we walk to the big mongolia tent... we then walked to the stage under the river.. there a show at 8 so at 7.20, we settled ourselves in the back seats and wait n wait till 8.. i like taiwan geizai songs...even thoug i do not understand what they singing, somehow the music they have is fantastic.. maybe i am a hokkein that not pure but that do not stop me from loving taiwan geizai shows... anyway, there are other mongolia the dancers from inner mongolia are quite petty and slim.. except for the songs that i dun like, it is quite enjoyable to see them dance with their hands lookin like holdin a horse... we watched halfway as we scared of big crowd when e show ended..quite a enjoyable show to watch...

and when we back, i took sweetie downstairs..she as usuall notty ..when i go down to fetch her, she refused to come to i gues she wan to be born free for a short while..i takin her back tml

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