Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Jennifer say:

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Today is sweetie unlucky day.. early mornin, she woke me up by scratchin the pile of newspaper at her eating area.. so irritating..i need to see what up with her. then i grab her on bed with me..i hug her in my hand while she make the crying meowin soft sound. meow meow then she jumped off my bed while i sleep again.. minutes later, she again jump on fat table and touched the newspaper..i then open the door and she went outside. i took her to mum room that was slightly opened.. sweetie then use her paw to open the door and both of us, cat and me went inside mum room.. aircon, sweetie was sitting on the doorway while i sleep on the floor lookin at her. then dad come and i went back to my room. Dad then put sweetie back into my room as he wan to mop the floor. again, notty a dozen times. I locked her in her cage but she give pitiful meow so i let her out.. then i slept while dad who had done with the floor took her down.

when dad come back later, i woke up as well.. sometime i continued to sleep but usualy i wil wake up to take sweetie to bath. sweetie hide under the sofa and refused to come out. Then mum treated her with milk. While pettin her, mum realised sweetie nose is injured. there are two tiny scratches on her little nose..poor thing, dad said the malay neighbour was watering her plants and spook sweetie whom knocked down our plants and injured her little white nose. poor thing, she must be v scared and painful.

nevertheless, i splashed water all over her.. usualy i do that when she is notty and refused to come home. i did not know she notty but after i bathed her, dad said she hide under drain and took her sweet time to come to find dad.

That not the end of the story. When i first wake up, i smell a foul smell like the spray of Fertilizer for plant. v smelly. at first i though it is the malay neighbour whom used the fertilizer and i though nothing of it. Then just when i about to go to work, i kept smellin the same smell..feeling strange, i went to smell the living room door, no smell. Then why our room got this foul smell.. Then i touched the cloth that is used to protect the floor for our chair, is wet and smelly. Sweetie pee on the cloth..yuck, so smelly and i put her on my bed earlier.

mum said her pee smell of fish ..yuck. i need to change my bed and wipe the floor with nice soap. so notty. pee and be quiet.. usualy she never did that, must be urgent..eee

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