Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New tricks of DD, the mini

Jennifer say:

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DD our new kitten has being with us for almost 2 months or so..she has slowly learn to be as adorable as sweetie... but she still fight with sweetie by bitting sweetie bob tail, chasing her around the house, using her mini paw to touch sweetie and tryin to suck sweetie nipples

here are what she know:

1) she know how to get to her cat cage to pee or poo if we let her out for a walk
2) respond to her name DD but we need to call multiple times
3) jumpin on our body when she saw us sitting on sofa
4) allow us to carry and hug her like a baby
5) know where to get all her the kitchen for sweetie leftover and the bedroom for dry food
6) like to stay with human friends, will meow if she did not see anyone around
7) love to peep a boo at the door for adventures outside
8) Know how to find the ideal place to sleep on--brother bed
9) we can lock her inside brother bed if we are sweetie where we locked her in my room
10) know that she can onli pee on newspaper and no other places...


Neo said...

oi! take her off my bed!!!

KL said...

Yippee! Smart DD

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