Sunday, January 22, 2006

Pong Pong Cat House visit

Yesterday, pong pong (we named her this name) came to our corridor and meow very loudly. Pong pong was someone's cat on the 10th and the malay family down my block had 'adopt' her.

Cats had came to our corridor many times-
1) sweetie: 4 times
2) nana: 3 times
3) an unknown kitten:1 time
4) and lastly pong pong: 1 time

She is extremely sweet, not scared of anyone including DD. Poor DD, her fur is all standing on one end when she saw pong pong. We need to put sweetie inside my room as she will bark like a dog, almost a protesting scream if she ever see any 'intruder' in our house. See how possessive she is. Last time when we take mini and baby home, she screamed at them. That time, we planned to give mini a bath as his fur was very dirty..but mini hissed at us and we need to release him without his bath.

Pong pong is so curious of everything, we feed her rice with fish. Then after eating, she walked all over the house to view our apartment. She does not want me to carry her so i picked her by her neck and support her bottom.

After a meal and 'inspection' of our house, we bought pong pong downstair to find her owner. Strangly, the daughter-in-law of the malay family said Pong pong do not belong to her. Last time, her mother-in-law said otherwise.So we just release pong pong outside their house.Later when sister and I went to see if pong pong is all right, we saw another malay girl (also living in the same row as the other malay family) with pong pong whom had just taken a bath. It seems that pong pong may has a new home after all, hopefully, pong pong will not run away again. Posted by Picasa

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