Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nana is gone..MIA

Jennifer say:

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After 3 false alert from dad, mum and linda, nana is still not found..i think she has moved to somewhere else since we called the authority -AVA, SPCA, AMK Town council with no news of any nana.

False alert from mum: dad said he saw a fat cat near SN553 and said it was nana. Mum then went to see the fat cat and called sister and i to see "nana". Mum even said nana look thinner. We happily went to find "nana". Upon seeing "nana", i though she/he do not look like nana. Sister and mum insisted he/she was nana. Then i saw the back of the cat, it was a male cat..The real nana is a female. The "fake" nana got nana colour and tiny tail..exactly like a clone of nana except he is a male and his eyes is triangle.

False alert from Dad: After we came up from the false alert mum gave us, dad called to say he spotted nana at SN553. I informed dad that we just got back from there and that was a nana clone.

False alert from Linda: i sms linda on the 6 day that nana was missing but got no response from linda. The next day, she called me to tell me of other matters. It turned out that she had changed her HP. but the funny thing is she called me just when i wonder why she did not reply to my SMS. I told her nana was missing. The next day, she called to say her friend living at my block 10 floor saw "nana" and had taken her to the void deck. I called my sister to find "nana".
Of course, there is no nana. The new cat is a black kitten that someone abandoned on the 10 floor. I think its owner lived in the 10th floor.

Yesterday, for the first time, sister, mum and I asked the malay neighbour living on the ground floor if they spotted nana. This is the first time we spoken to them. They said maybe nana moved to other places. I also get to see their cats. The new kitten that was abandoned was so lucky, she went to find the malay neighbour and they decide to keep her.
The malay auntie was speaking in malay so i do not understand at all..while mum understand a bit of malay. Sister also understand a little (not as much as mum).

The malay family male black bob tail cat is so sweet, he keep staying close to me.Altogether, this malay family has 6 cats. wow, so many cats..they usually let their white cat, black bob tail out in the street. Both are sterilised recently. Before that, white cat used to terrorise other cats.Once poor ginger was corned by that white cat up the tree till we came to find ginger and chased the white cat away. Poor ginger, wonder how long he was up the tree.

All the cats that the malay family own have beautiful colour.
here their colours:
1) A white cat with beautiful blue eyes
2) An extremely friendly black bob tail(my favourite)
3) The new comer kitten (from someone whom living at the 10th floor), lucky girl
4) A lovely grey cat and
5) a light brown cat (both the grey and the light brown cat live in the kitchen where they are trained to use the loo)
6) another cat that i once saw in leash(yesterday, i did not see him)

Sister is saying how 'ugly' sweetie and DD look. Hee..of course, sweetie and DD are sweet in their own ways. All cats are sweet in their own ways.

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KL said...

So sad. Nana is MIA

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