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Watching Hokkein Opera: Lee San Niang at cheng huang temple

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Today is the first day of new year. We as usual did not go anywhere but mum suggested going to sheng hong temple (cheng huang temple or lorong koo chye sheng hong temple) at arumugam road to watch hokkein opera. This is not the first time i watched hokkein opera at CNY. Last year, i watched three opera (gaizaixi) performed by taiwan opera troupe. This year, the performance is performed by china troop.

I am influenced to watch chinese opera by mum. My first encounter is the very famous taiwanese singer, yang li hua. I actually do not speak hokkein well but i can understand the dialect.What i love about gaizaixi is the music and how the ppl sing - maybe it is because i love ancient show of all kinds very much.

Back to today performance, it is really good.

To the 'boring' story:
(Lee san niang)

Lee san niang was married to a guy named, liu ziyuan. The couple loved each other deeply. Unfortunately, San niang's stepmum hated san and her husband very much. One day, bad new arrived. San's father was drowned in the sea. The evil stepmother then took control of the Lee's fortune and give san naing only a old knitting machine. However, san and her husband lived a very happy and simple life where san knit cloth to sell while her husband, liu chop woods to sell.

The evil stepmum was not happy to see the two of them still in the same household. One day, words came from the officers that man from every household must be recruit to become soldier for the coming war. Every household must have one man to be recruited. If there are two men, one will be selected. If there are three man, two will be selected. The evil stepmum took liu name to be recruited as a soldier. Poor san and liu are forced to seperate. At that time, liu is pregnant with their first child. They parted sadly.

Times flies..San is forced to work in the miling room. When the time for her baby to arrive come, she gave birth alone. San's brother whom was with her had rushed to tell his mum. (the evil stepmum, san's brother was the stepmum real son) Despite the fact that her evil stepmum know of the birth, she refused to help san. In the end, san had to bite the umbilical cord herself. San named her new born son, jiaoji (meaning bitting the cord). When the baby is one month old, the evil mum forced san to marry a wealthy trader. Before the day of the marriage, san left the house with her baby and the house caretaker whom is a nice man. San decided to go to look for her husband. In the journey, san fell ill. Just then, her brother arrived at the village. San begged her brother to take her son to her husband.

Meanwhile, her husband was promoted as he saved the general's life. Liu send men to find san but the evil stepmum lied that san had remarried. During a attack by the enemy, liu saved san's brother whom had finally found liu. Unfortunately, san's brother died after handing the baby son to liu without telling liu about san's whereabout. The old general also died from a deady wound and liu is made to promise to take care of the general's daugher, lanyu.

16 years later, jiaoji is now 16 and in the army as well. One day, he shoot a rabbit and chased it. He arried at a well and saw a woman holding his arrow. The woman is actually san, his real mother. San told jiaoji that she is her mum but ji did not believed her. Ji told his father whom realised that san was stil alive. Liu arrived in the village with yulan and ji. San was angry with liu for marrying but liu told san that yulan had took care of their son for 16 years. Yulan was actually a nice hearted lady. San finally reunited with her son and husband. Just then, a begger came to beg for food. San recognised the begger as her stepmum. The caretaker told the evil mum to jump in the well to die but san stopped her. San said that although the mum was evil, she was still her mum. The show then ended.

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