Monday, January 02, 2006

Nana new hideout

Since mimi appeared around nana's area, nana had sort of disappeared for many days. Yesterday, sister and I were going to the coffee shop when we spotted nana. We were delighted to see nana as nana had disappeared for 3 days. The auntie whom feed nana daily had called my sister to ask abt nana whereabout but we also had not seen nana for 3 days.

Nana new hideout is down our block void deck. She always hide behind the water pipe u see in this foto.

We met auntie yesterday. She is 70 this year but her weak legs made her unable to walk far and therefore, she seldom feed cats. Her husband, ah pek is the one whom always feed cats. Unfortunately, ah-pek was "blacklisted" by the town council as ah-pek love to put lot of dry cat food on the floor and just walked away. Sister and I were always clearing the dry food he left one the floor secretly. It sound bad if we said to ah-pek that the cats cannot finished so much food at one go. Linda(cat auntie) had asked ah-pek NOT to feed the cats but ah-pek still feed them. I think it's good for ah-pek to feed cats since cats make him happy. Ah-pek rented a place in paris Ris for $600. He did not wished to send nana there, firstly,(his given reason) if he send nana there, nana will lose her freedom and secondly, (my own reason)he will not be able to see nana three or four times a day.

Auntie chatted with mum while sister and I feed mimi, ginger and baby. Auntie loved cats but her daugher-in-law whom is a RC member, called the town council to take away the cats her mother-in-law feed. Black moo moo was taken away this way and she/he was gone forever. Auntie told mum that she had taken nana to her house for temp hideout when town council ppl tried to come to catch her.

Anyway, i just happy to find nana again. Now, we will know where to 'hunt' for her at night. Posted by Picasa

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KL said...

Yeh... Nutnut is found again

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