Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chinatown Cats - without fotos

Jennifer say:

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I went to Chinatown with mum and sister yesterday. It was really maddness in there..Crowds and crowds of ppl and maybe pickpockers. I was holding my large shopping bag tightly by my side. Mum bought some cookies for 3 for $10, not really cheap.

Next, we went to the mkt to find the bag uncle. We had know the uncle for 6 to 7 years. The uncle used to own a cat named kaka but she had died of kidney illness 2 years ago. It is sad to know kaka died as we also know kaka that is very friendly. Now, the uncle has a pair of siblings that around one year. The last time we visited the uncle that was in Nov or dec, the female cat was pregnant. Yesterday, we found out from the uncle that the four kittens were given to a lady living in AMK. The lady already got five adults cats in her house but decided to adopt two more kittens. The uncle was reluctant to seperate the four kittens so the lady was asked to adotp all four kittens, making her had 9 cats in her 3-room flat. Wow, i think the lady may ask someone to adopt the other two kittens that she initally do not want.The uncle said the mummy cat searched for her four kittens for two weeks and cried for them too.. so sad...but at least, the four kittens are in good hands.

It is nice petting the uncle's cat that is extremely tame. The two cat came to find uncle when uncle started feeding them. Now if u go to Chinatown mkt, near the place selling CDs, you will find the uncle selling bag and his two cat sleeping on the suitcase or the floor. Uncle said that he will be sending the cats for sterilization next month.

The mkt will be ungoing upgrading very soon so i think the uncle will take both cats to his new area or maybe adopt the two cats.

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