Friday, February 24, 2006

Cute cat forum that i had just joined

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
My sister had found this cat forum from the web.

I had set an account where i display sweetie, DD and Pong pong's cute photographs.

Here is the main site for sweetie:

Under the family of sweetie, you can see DD and Pong Pong's face where you can link to their sites too.. my special pet websites esp for cats. Someone awarded 5 paws to sweetie, she must have look cute.

I even saw sanju from vegancat's blog too..
I just read yesterday that sanju has found a new owner..lucky cat...
His foster mum's blog also show interesting life story of sanju:

I like visiting the sites of singaporeans to find out why they have this cat and read the bio of the cat.For my cats, i actually have poems for all three of them but unfortunately, the site do not allow me to seperate the lines so everything is joined as one whole sentences.

I set a topic under the forum page for DD:
Topic regarding:
"How do get me to enjoy a bath"
topic link:

I think the reason why i find catster's site cute is because we can put our cat talking, this make it interesting to look at.

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