Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pong Pong as our third cat

Pong pong has been living with us since the fifth day of CNY. I think i am adopting her as she is an extremely sweet cat.

She love to rub her head against you when u lie on the bed to watch TV. and she sleep beside anyone. She is also toilet trained.

Unfortunately, she has a bad case of ear mites where my sister has treated her using ear lotion. For her fur mites, i had spray her with frontline spray that kills mites effectively within five days. Last time, i also used it on sweetie whom got her mites from the grass. She got rather soft stools. Today, mum said her stools is normal but smelly.

Mum has been asking if i want to keep Pong Pong in the house, i do not really mind as she actually quite obedient except for this:
1) jumpin on the kitchen counter when i prepared her breakfast
2) jumpin on mum's plates that dropped to the floor, luckily no broken plates
3) meowing at us to let her out (we need to keep her in mum's room as she's not on good terms with sweetie and DD yet)
4) hiss like a snake at Sweetie and DD whom hiss back too
5) putting her paws inside the rubbish bin for extra food..yucks

Other than this, she is quite ok. Tonight, we let her out to hiss with sweetie but this war of the world is ok. No major incident happen like cat fight or bitting. So i guess sweetie slowly accepting pong pong now. Posted by Picasa

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KL said...

Cool cat!

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