Friday, February 10, 2006

Discovery of some cute cats video-sharing websites

Jennifer say:

Image hosted by
On sunday, the Sunday plus featured an article on viewing of free-hosting of video websites. Today, i viewed the website. Of course, i am thinking of making videos of sweetie, DD and pong pong. I am really slow in knowing these sites but thanks to straits times, there is always chances for IT-idiot like me to learn more.

Anyway, i has joined as a member in so i will be hosting some vidoes files later too.

Other websites mentioned in the article included:

I did a seach on you-tube on cats, the videos i find are really funny except for this japanese reality show of a cat that i think is cruel as the person stick tape on the cat's fur. Imagine how painful it is for the cat when you pull off the tape:
here is the 'cruel' video:( it's strange that i cannot put a direct playback in blogger itself and yet the site said that i can place the code in blogger, so i need to place the website link instead)
But not all videos are filmed by cat lovers, you will know when u viewed the videos itself and the comments that is beside the files usually mention what is the video about so ignore those that said things like 'stupid' cats or 'cat bumping into wall'. Overall, it is super cute to watch those cats of real cat lovers.

Here the more funnier videos:

This one Sister must sure see, it look like the time when Sweetie make nana angry and nana wanted to bite her.

There are still dozens of videos files that i do not managed to watch..just use the search engine to search for 'Cats'.

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