Monday, February 13, 2006

YuanXiao Jie

Jennifer say:

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Today, dad, mum and i went to cheng huang temple to pray for hongbao. Mum asked for two hongbao and was refused to be granted one, so she asked me to ask on her behalf. I was rejected too. It was then i learnt how cheng huang god is really divine. The temple staff told mum that we should only pray for one hongbao. So mum try again, this time, the god agreed to let her have an hongbao. You will need to drop the cup to see if the god agreed. The hongbao is to bless us for good fortune and health in the Year of Dog..Next year in the Year of pig, we will need to return double the amount in the hongbao to the cheng huang god. I had placed the hongbao in the pouch that carried my EZ-link card.

After our praying, dad took us to Hong San temple in Defu Lane. This is my first time visiting the temple. As usual, we offer incenses to all the gods in the temple. There were stalls cooking food, i though they are selling the food. Later, the temple staff told us that on every yuanxiao jie, the temple offered free food where you can eat in a table of 10 to eat your food. The only thing is you must have patience. We can only start eating after 7.30. There are lot to eat - fried noodles, rojak, laksa, h0kkein mee, desserts, red bean soup, satay and even free beer to drink. We ate fried noodles and dad waited half a hour for the rojak to be prepared. It is actually quite fun to eat together.

And yesterday, for the 'first' time, i watched firework again. The last time i watched was when i was in primary more than 10 years ago. Mum and I took bus 130 at AMK interchange at around 8.30pm to get to 'River Hongbao'. I thought we would be late for the firework. surprisedly, we managed to arrive there at 9.25pm. After a quick walk around, we heard the announcement that firework would be in the air after 3 min. It was amazing to watch the beautiful firework. I did not bring my digital camera and i did not really got a good spot to watch the firework properly but at least, i can still see the firework so high up in the sky. Then we walked around for a short while before taking bus 167 back home.

CNY is over at last, mum had said that she is busy for two weeks, now she must prepared for QingMing festival that is coming soon. It is also the month of the Rain, i hated rainy days.

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