Monday, February 20, 2006

Pong Pong visit to the vet

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister and I took Pong Pong to the vet. Sister put her inside the cat carrier before taking the bus to SN to meet me. Pong Pong seems fearless, she did not meow and was very curious of the outside world.

Now the reason why we send pong to the vet is because yesterday, pong had bloody stools - real bloody and the worst thing was she shit at my study table and messed up my bag. Sister forgot to let pong into the bathroom to poo and locked her inside our room so pong poo on my table. This was the second time she poo on the table messing up my bags both times.

Anyway, i am glad today's vet treatment turned out to be fine. We arrived for our appointmet at Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic (North) at SN at 3pm. While waiting for our turn, we chatted with two nice malay aunties. The malay auntie said she send her cat for op for a fee of $800 as her cat got something in the bowel that need to be taken out. She is quite nice, we chat abt our cats..she had 4 cats in hougang, today, she visiting the sick cat that need to be in the clinic for observation.

Our turn sister gave the vet pong's feces from this morning...YES, sister took pong's shit and travelled by bus( luckily only one bus stop from our house) to the clinic. The vet( a young lady called doc tan) seem afraid to touch the feces , we also gave her the digital camera to look at yesterday's shit. The vet listened to pong's heartbeat and proclaimed that everything is fine with her heartbeat. Then the vet said she need to get some fecus by inserting a tube to pong's bottom. So she took pong to the lab. We waited and pong came out. Again waiting time...we continued our chat with malay auntie. After a short while, we were called inside. The vet said pong did not have any worms or any serious condition, she had bloody stools because her lungs has infection from the food she eat - senitive stomach. We spent $69 on the treatment that included mediation.

Then both of us carried pong back home where we walked all the way back home. Both of us supported pong's carrier, she is very heavy.

Pong is so clever. She did not meow till she reached our seem like she know she was now home..home sweet home...

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KL said...

Quote from the vet when I said Pong Pong is "so poor thing": "She's so lucky. Not many stray cats get adopted!"

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