Thursday, February 16, 2006

War of the World

Pong Pong and DD are becoming good friends..Good friends, still a long way to becoming best friends but at least, there are some progress between them - less hissing and more play. It is quite fun to watch them play. Both will jump in the air, box each other and once DD boxed pong pong's head while pong was eating before DD ran away to hide.

Sweetie is still very angry with Pong Pong whenever pong tries to approach her. When i feed sweetie, pong also try to come to eat but is scared to move closer because of sweetie's hissing. Sweetie will take at least two weeks to 1 month to accept pong pong.

Yesterday, sweetie bite DD's neck for no reason till DD meowed in protest. I think sweetie was just playing. Normally, both sweetie and DD will groom each other's head and ears.

Progress of Pong Pong:
So far, I have locked pong inside DD's old basket when i was out. She protested loudly but i needed to lock her in case she get into trouble. Today, she climbed out the window and we almost had a heart attack.
If pong poo or pee, she will meow for us to help her.
For food, she eat everything that i offered her - chicken meat, rice, biscuits...
She has a musical meow..very soft and gentle.
She will response if you call her name. Posted by Picasa

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