Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poor SN cats - so am i allow to feed community cats?

Jennifer say:

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Actually, i do know the answer to my topic question - YES but when ppl complain in my SN neighbourhood, the community cats run a risk of being caught.

Today as usual, my sister and I were in SN 543 feeding mimi, ginger and ringring. Suddenly a guy that i recognised was a RC member told us outright. I can still remmeber what he said:
RC member: halo, did u feed these cats?
me: yes
RC member: did you see the posters? You cannot feed these cats.
Me: But i clear up everything when i feed them
RC member: Ya, but ppl had complained, i do not really mind but i am shifting and cannot help you.
Me: (staring at him a bit stunned)
RC member: if you want to feed, feed in an less obvious area

That what happened today.
Actually i felt pissed that ppl complained when i doubted there are really 'a lot of ppl feeding cats at 8 plus'. Linda had told me that ppl complained that at 8 plus, there were lot of ppl feeding the cats. Also there will be ppl catching cats this week. And somemore, i am feeding at 9 plus and the cats still come running to me to eat my food. If the cats are feed, why are they still coming to find me? Tml, i am going to the park near my place to spot whom the feeders or are there any one feeding the cats?

Linda called me when i SMS her regarding this matter. She told me that to feed the cats later. Problem still not solved. Sister emailed vegancat too of this matter and vegancat had emailed dawn whom vegan said is a expert in this area.

I am changing my place where i feed them tml..behind the water pipe again...


KL said...

I think it's more like:

Him: Are you a resident of this block?

Us: No

Him: Recently there have been more complaints about stray cats

Us: But we clean up after feeding

Him: No, but I'm sure you know there are more notices against feeding stray cats. I'm shifting out soon, so cannot help you also (walks away).

jennifer_yq said...

Something like that... annoying

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