Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comments should not be that easy uploaded in the internet

Jennifer say:

12.20 pm, was having a chat on fb with one of my getai friends yesterday till close to 330 am. He was telling me what a monk used to tell him.

The monk said : When you receive a present, you must accept it. If you do not accept it, whom is going to accept your present?"

My friend told me that the meaning of this is when you are angry with someone, that someone ignore you, you will feel even more angry with that someone. Or when someone said something nasty about you, you ignore that comment, that someone will think why i cannot make you angry and he himself become more bitter even still.

Quite like me. So the moral of this story is i just comment and do what i liked, i do not care what others think whether they are angry or dislike what i had done as i am whom i am. I had made all my comments in fb private so only my friends can see and comment. In my setting for friends, i disable the icon for everyone whom can send me messages.

I do feel happier now. I at least got to have the best of both world - i can comment on fb as and when i like, i am not concerned abt some nasty comments from those that are not on my friends list as they are blocked... hahahaha.. I liked the moral of my friend story. Very deep and meaningful.

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