Tuesday, March 05, 2013

#14/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 602 Yishun on 05/03/2013★正月初二四★ event: 天竹林宫★Host - Hao Hao★ Band - 旋音大乐队★情花歌台秀

Jennifer say:


★ Today Getai Star: 3.5★( 5 stars the max)Big Tentage, Lot of Chairs, Concert Style stage

★Time watched:7.30 pm to 7.45 pm

★Favourite Singer: Tian Yue..going to remove favourite singer soon..now only tian yue is my only favourite singer i like. Idol Idol. So basically i only chase him nowadays. Today is also the same.

★Host Tonight: Hao Hao, no comment
★Videos upload to youtube: 3 videos, there is problem when Tian Yue was singing tonight. Apparently one of the monitors is not working.

★Me abt today Getai - As Tian Yue is the first singer at 730pm, i need to rush down after work. Initally plan to take bus 854 to Yishun but counting the traffic after 6pm, decided to take a cab down. Mum is going to 'kill' me for doing this but once a blue moon, let taxi uncle earn my money is worthwhile esp today get to hear idol sing again.

天悦 ~ 恰恰福建组曲 - hear for the third time. today got problem with equipment, very sad to see this.

天悦 ~ 一生只有你 - My favourite song. really enjoy this song.

天悦 ~ 黎花泪组曲 - i kena blocked by lighting man..zzzz..but i like the song 知道不知道, the original singer 劉韻 had a extremely nice voice,mum had a CD of her songs so i also like 劉韻 songs.

★Sidetrack: saw meimei openly show her support for Tian Yue, i also must add add comment. But i think learning how to appreciate Tian Yue songs is all fate. That is why i post an encouraging message addressing to him : " 都是有缘才会欣赏你的歌。我也是你的粉丝。" Still remember that time at 恊灵坛 , he was the host on the first day, he was singing his 组曲, that time i quite like this combined songs. Other than that song, i open my heart to listen to his duel song with Huang Mei Qi, quite nice, i am thinking in my heart.

The second night, he sang the same 组曲 song again, i did a recording of his song except the ending was a bit cut off as mum was getting impatient with me. Andy used to be in my friend list but due to some personal reason, he deleted me away. I add back him as fb friend after that video recording of him and seek his permission as to whether i can post the video to youtube. He was okay with that. This is how it started. Even since then, i will record his songs. I used not to know his singing schedule, then i realised he posted his singing timing in his own fb so had been taking note of his timing as from jan 2013 onward. before that, i know he sing for Ronghua so got ronghua, i will try to go and hopefully meet his singing timing.

Occasionally i disturb him by asking him whether he got sing this place or that place but he will confirm 100% reply me with yes or none..short and sweet answer....haha..i know i very irritating. Doing recording for singers, i feel that only Tian Yue appreciate my effort for the videos i took of him. This feel is hard to describe, how to say, it is within the heart, u feel appreciation..Okay, enough enough, jiayou, tian yue.

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