Thursday, March 21, 2013

#19/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 2 Hougang on 21/03/2013★二月初十★ event: 灵山柒阴坛★Host - Wang Lei & Qiong Fang★ Band - 骑士大乐队★美心娱乐制作

Jennifer say:


★ Today Getai : Standard Getai(Change style of presenting this, this is much better) - This is a 大二伯 getai so cannot say no space. Still okay, no chairs but still got space to watch behind. But we took chairs tonight so not too bad, dun need to stand so long.

 ★Time watched:8.50 pm to 10.10 pm.
 ★Today Crowd: All audience are standing mostly at both end of the tentage. Only certain audience stand in the centre area.

 ★Videos upload to youtube: none.

 ★Me abt today Getai - Went with mum again to watch. Just to watch only since i think getai is a entertainment for mum and me. Rather than wasting electricity on TV, going out is better than standing at home. Still okay, the host as usually get to make audience laugh with his jokes.

 photo DSCN8578_zps33b8c42f.jpg Getai Tai, i never watch getai by Meixin..hmm.first time

 photo DSCN8582_zps260753d6.jpg Temple Banner

 photo DSCN8580_zps4b519aa0.jpg Xiao Ya Ya ~ 小雅雅

 photo DSCN8585_zps837a4337.jpg Jun Long - i am very engrossed in his 一生只有你. His style of singing is different from Tian Yue but both version i liked, jun long and Tian Yue. Hmm..whom sing this song i also liked..hahahah.

 photo DSCN8589_zpsd4c9c81a.jpg Stage, i like today stage

 photo DSCN8595_zpsa227c75f.jpg Kai Qing

 photo DSCN8600_zps6e81f158.jpg Ting Ting

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