Monday, March 11, 2013

#15/2013★ Getai Performanace @Maxwell Road ~ Maxwell Hawker Centre on 11/03/2013★正月三十日★ event: 顺风堂★Host - Ting Ting★ Band - 旋音大乐队★情花歌台秀

Jennifer say:


Today Getai Star: No Comment( 5 stars the max)Hard to comment coz today is a dinner getai function.

★Time watched:7.30 pm to 8.55 pm.

 ★Host Tonight: Ting Ting - No comment

 ★Singers Tonight: Watched Ting Ting sing two songs and Tian Yue 3 songs before i went home.

 ★Today Crowd: Dinner Function getai. Lot of getai supporters surrounding the side of both tentage.

★Videos upload to youtube: 3 videos by Tian Yue - 'embarrassing' videos of mine..poorly taken but i still upload to youtube..hahahahaha..

 ★Me abt today Getai - Rushed down to the getai area after work. Rushing to the area coz i wan to watch Tian Yue performance at 7.30pm. From Ubi to Tanjong Pagar MRT, the whole journey took me 45 min but i walked extremely fast to the main road at Paya Lebar Road to take any bus to the Paya Lebar MRT station. Look like siao cha bo by the time I arrived at Maxwell Hawker coz i am walking at a faster speed that i think is actually my normal speed to me only.some of my friends always say i walk too fast... I am walking up and down opp. the getai area coz i am waiting to cool down before i find my location to watch. Had a short chat with Mr Tan, finally get to greet him formally today, it is really nice to talk to him even for a short while. We exchange contact number later at night via fb.

I realised watching getai also must 天時地利人合 - Must pray to Tian Gong that tonight never rain or at least have tentage for me to 'hide', Must wish the space is big enough for audience to watch getai, Must wish that while doing video recording, no ppl are talking at the same time beside u. Tonight The three conditions failed for the location and people. All my videos got an auntie talking and laughing very happily in the background..i think auntie long time never have dinner gathering liao so super duper high mood,never mind..i wait for 天時地利人合 to be favourable to me..haha.

I think i am standing at a wrong position coz directly in front of me is the dinner table. If I were to stand in the centre, i may blocked people behind me and if i never blocked anyone, someone standing in front of me will 100% blocked me coz i am snow white friend, low chance to do any recording if i stand anywhere lower given that there will confirm be people walking up and down. My position is at the area of the car park grass, so slightly higher position but it is a side view position. At home, when i watched meimei videos, i realised her position also very jatluck, her position is blocked by the tentage poles but the audio is there. haha.. if we combined my videos with her audio, the 3 videos will be nice.

天悦 ~ 绿岛小夜曲 - I love this song, that time hear Tian Yue sing in K歌, i already very like this song so extremely happy that he sing live tonight.

天悦 ~ 可爱的人生

天悦 ~ 爱的路上千万里组曲

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