Thursday, May 02, 2013

#28/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 831 Hougang on 02/05/2013★三月初二十三日★ event ~清龙宫进地公之夜★Host - Hao Hao ★骑士大乐队★永升(舞台灯光音响)★荣华娱乐制作★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai - Open Field of Blk 831 Hougang. same as yesterday, limited chairs, i got a side view tonight but still get to see the stage quite clearly.

 ★Time watched:7.40 pm to 10.30pm

★Today Crowd: Super crowded

 ★Videos upload to youtube: 3 video of Tian Yue

 ★Me abt today Getai - Went tonight also because tonight got Tian Yue performance. Tonight i had went home for dinner before going to Hougang. Since i brought my chair and had my dinner, i watched almost the full show today. Went alone today. Was thinking whether to take videos of Hao Hao, then he sing the usual song for his first song, sian liao me, so lazy to prepare for the second song although the second song is a new song that i had not heard him sing live before. I getting lazy and lazier to take HH videos nowadays. But anyway still got someone took his video on youtube, not a clear video but still got graphics and clear sound.

天悦 ~爱情看透透 - Second time hear him sing. not sure i like which version better since different band. video wise, i like the one at AMK since i am in a centre position.

天悦 ~善意的谎言 - My Favourite song tonight, really enjoy this song.

天悦 ~ 誓言组曲

 photo DSCN0418_zpsf7b4093d.jpg My location

 photo DSCN0423_zps2e65f2b5.jpg Lin Shi Ling

 photo DSCN0427_zps5491764d.jpg
 photo DSCN0436_zpsc3297664.jpg Kai Lin

 photo DSCN0442_zpsebafac74.jpg Tian Yue

 photo DSCN0444_zps432370e6.jpg
 photo DSCN0449_zps150defaa.jpg 温丝婷

 photo DSCN0454_zpsf5cd43b1.jpg
 photo DSCN0457_zps4b5e1af1.jpg

 photo DSCN0459_zps708a1829.jpg Hao Hao

 photo DSCN0465_zpsac2fc084.jpg Xu Qiong Fang

 photo DSCN0468_zpsb7e191e3.jpg Zhaung Qing Yu

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