Friday, May 24, 2013

#33/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk603 AMK on 24/05/2013★四月十五日★ event ~善義壇★ Host- Jun Long★摇滚乐队★★好运歌舞秀★★

Jennifer say:


★ Today Getai - Normal stage

 ★ Time watched:7.45 pm to 10.15pm

 ★Today Crowd: many empty chairs, quite easy to view the stage since not too crowded.

 ★Videos upload to youtube: 3 videos.

潘唯优 ~ 誓言

蔡秀雯 ~ 追心 - I like this song, nice.

蔡秀雯 ~乞食调 - i like how xiuwen sing this song too, this song is dedicated to 大二爷伯.

★Me abt today Getai - Went today because tonight tua is uncle temple tua. Still okay, this year stage and audience arrangement are much better than last year.

 photo DSCN0599_zpsa10fb767.jpg Temple banner

 photo DSCN0603_zpsc654e0a6.jpg Bai Mei Hui

 photo DSCN0608_zps8fe68284.jpg Pan Wei You

 photo DSCN0611_zps11233f3b.jpg
 photo DSCN0617_zpse7d2fa0c.jpg Cai Xiu Wen

 photo DSCN0621_zps896ba714.jpg Xie Wei Na

 photo DSCN0627_zpse2849352.jpg Wei Na and Qingyu sing 1 duel together

 photo DSCN0632_zps98f5f745.jpg My location

 photo DSCN0636_zps345db8c7.jpg Moon big and round

 photo DSCN0640_zps8e7658ad.jpg Chen You Le

 photo DSCN0646_zps3a47a74d.jpg 龙飞风舞

 photo DSCN0651_zps6c9d6296.jpg Ting Ting

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