Sunday, May 11, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 明華園天字戲劇團- 戏名:天仙配,12.05.14, 农历四月十四

Jennifer say:

Bought the tickets last Saturday since we had to stand for three hours last Saturday because the chairs are all sold out. We had decided to bring out own chair next time. I did recording again today..haha..was very happy with the recording, it add more value to me watching today opera, esp as an memory.
Today Story: 天仙配. Actually this is an combination of 牛郎织女 and 天仙配 story. I had done a small research. In 牛郎织女, there is the cow that can talk and 牛郎 but he is not call 董永. 董永 character is from 天仙配. In 天仙配 only, the fairy had 6 other sisters while in 牛郎织女, there is only an sole fairy princess. In 牛郎织女, there is only the 鹊桥相会 while in 天仙配, the poor fairy quietly left her husband.

 photo DSCN6295_zps4a15fa06.jpg 美美的七仙女,天羽

 photo DSCN6301_zps0d961a64.jpg 天牛

 photo DSCN6315_zps59715a85.jpg 喜鹊

 photo DSCN6321_zpsfdcd099e.jpg 皇母娘娘

 photo DSCN6326_zpsf71d34e8.jpg

 photo DSCN6327_zpsc80041c0.jpg 七仙女

 photo DSCN6328_zps8d19b171.jpg cowherd lose the cow and was punished to be reborn as a human

 photo DSCN6344_zps36ceac05.jpg Reborn cowherd as 董永

 photo DSCN6347_zpsa0969149.jpg 天羽 asked 喜鹊 helps to allow her to be close to Dong Yong.

 photo DSCN6353_zps9b77c736.jpg Dong Yong being poor was forced to be a salve in Bo's family. Before he want there, he meet Tian Yu and marry her.

 photo DSCN6369_zps8d7ed7f6.jpg Dong yong brought Tian Yu to the house. Dong yong was to work in the house for 3 years.

 photo DSCN6374_zps886996dd.jpg Bo agreed to reduce Dong Yong slave days to 1 year should they managed to have 10 piece of cloth weave. Tian Yu asked her sisters to help her

 photo DSCN6379_zps436d4101.jpg 姐妹连心, the 6 older sisters helped young 7th sister to weave 10 pieces of cloth.

 photo DSCN6392_zps606e7cdf.jpg Mission impossible was completed.

 photo DSCN6394_zps4032fbd7.jpg 二郎神 was super angry with the 7th princess

 photo DSCN6397_zps574ea735.jpg

 photo DSCN6404_zpsb84fa752.jpg Dong Yong was accidentally stab by Bo. To save him, Tian Yu used her magical power exposing her location to 二郎神

 photo DSCN6407_zps1b2a6fbf.jpg 二郎神 send his solider to catch Tian Yu

 photo DSCN6431_zpsd028190c.jpg At the advice of her daughters, 皇母娘娘 forgave tian yu. The inital punishment was for the couple to meet every 7 days. But when 喜鹊 read out the 玉指, they realised they can only meet once a year on the 7 month of the the 7 day

 photo DSCN6433_zps0dccc416.jpg

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