Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crossing the Rainbow bridge

Jennifer say:

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Hamham my female drawf hamster is getting thinner and skinny. Today, i was dropping eye drop into her eyes when she lick the eye drop that drop on my hand..she look thirsty so i bottle feed her with fresh water. She drank and drank. I think she will soon be crossing the rainbow bridge with this situation.

She used to be v round but considering she is ill and a senior citizen ( more than 2 years) it about time she may join the hamsters bubbies in HH Rainbow bridge.

I happened to come to this site dedicated to loss of pet in rainbow bridge.

Here what the poem say:

Creation has begun a circling tide;
Retrieving and restoring
Or abandoning, ignoring; but always
Succors each and every one of us in
Into this world is born a many grateful things
Never asking or demanding a
Great amount of love,

There we find some answers to some elementary things:
Heaven sends us messages from high above.
Eventually, we find ourselves at loss, and

Reaching out for those who may have left.
And, out there, is a Rainbow Bridge that's
Incrementally crossed
Never quite in sight,
But there,
Over those who are bereft.
When we find ourselves left barren

By a soul that's been recalled
Remember that we have, stretched on high above, an
Integral, solid link to those that
Death has caused to walk across that
Expanse that has allowed us to be unconditionally loved

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