Saturday, April 09, 2005

Quill--a sad but cute doggy movie

Jennifer say:

I just finished watching touching in many parts...

The movie is a japanese movie about the story of Quill, a dog raised to become a seeing-eye dog.

The story started with a female dog giving birth to 5 baby pup has the special marking of a little black bird..This little fellow is quill.. The owner asked a trainin center (for training guided dog for the blind) to accept her pups to be the officer came..The female owner called the pups..all except quill went to find the owner..the officer then say all dogs that went to find its owner are disqualifed to be trained. Only quill was selected.Baby puppies are so cute.. the movie show how the puppies played.

XiaoQ was sent to a japanese family to build close contact with human in preperation for further training in the guided dog training centre when quill turned one.Here the couple love quill and took care of him til it is time to leave the family to go to the training center..I am sad at this part when quill looked at the couple with its sad eyes.

Quill was send to the training centre..Quill learnt how to stop at corner, how to stop at traffic, how to avoid obstacles, how to stop at steps by the command of Simple English. A blind man whom workin at the handicapped centre happened to know the trainer of Quill. The blind man (let named him Mr B since he got a japanese name) at first resisted having a guided dog to lead him but soon learnt to trust the dog and registered with the training center to have quill as his dog. However trust is not achieved easily by Mr B whom trust his own instict rather than Quill eye. So Mr B cannot guaduated from the training centre. I again felt sad at the part where Quill licked Mr B hand when Mr B looked so sad lookin at the other whom had guaduated.

Finally, Mr B can also completed the course and left the training centre with Quill. At first Mr B wife did not like Quill in the house and Quill was left outside the house in sun and rain. However one day Mr B son took Quill inside the house, and surprisely the wife did not opposed to Quill inside house and encouraged her son to let quill stay in the house.

Good things did not last long. Mr B was diagnosed with kidney failure and Quill had to be taken away from Mr B. I felt sad at this part too. Quill only spend two years with Mr B before he was send back to the training centre as a model dog for guided dog for the blind. Three years later, Mr B went back to the training centre to find Quill. The trainer allowed Mr B to walk with Quill for 30m..It is the last walk for Mr B and Quill. Mr B died. The trainer took Quill to Mr B wake. The movie is filmed in such a way that the daughter of Mr Q was speaking..the part where she said When Quill looked at Mr B body, quill must be thinking that Mr B was sleeping, this make me sad too..Mr B leaving forever.

Quill spent 11 years at the trainin centre. After that, Quill was send back to the couple whom first adopted quill as a pup. The scene show quill playing with his toy (a present by the husband when quill was a pup). When quill went back to the house, he fall down. It not clear what is the illness Quill suffered but it conncet to the lungs. Quill was dying. On the night where Quill died, the wife petted quill while the husband say to Quill that when he went to heaven, he must tell the others he is their little Q. The wife then tell Quill to be quiet (meaning that Quill can go if he wants) and how he must be suffering.Quill lived for 12 years 25 days. The movie ended with a baby pup of i think is Quill..I am so sad to see the ending part.So touching. This is really a nice movie to watch.

The movie was filmed using 3 different dogs. The dogs are wonderful..reminded me of sweetie.

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Larissa said...

Quill was a beautiful movie. A touching story. I was so sad when he died, I cried, remembering my own pet loss. I miss my cat Rosie.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, I definetly recommend it!


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