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Naked Weapons--where girls rule the world

Jennifer say:

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just watched a prerecorded video of naked weapon on saturday night. The show was recorded two sundays ago. That time TV was showing NKF charity show of oversea artists so i needed to record the movie in order to watch the charity show as well without any donation.

Naked weapon is a English movie i think as there are dual sound selection but however since i recorded it, i cannot view the English translation so everything is in mandarin. The cast are the handsome daniel wu, the sexy Maggie Q and an not so familiar girl named anya.

In the beginning of the movie, there another super hot girl with short hair whom used her bare hand to kill a gang of guys. She was recruited to kill a gang leader and using her hand,She was messaging the guy when she crashed the man's bone. she killed the man by crashing the six 'bones'(not sure of what the exact name is, but it is explained in the later part of the movie that once this bone is crashed, the person will break their nerve part and died) of the man. Then very cool, she killed the guards whom rushed in to 'Protect' their boss (too late). She also grabbed their machine gun and used it against them. However, this hot babe was killed when one of the bodyguard used a missile gun to blow up her car that she used to escape. Now the funny part is how come there a car waiting so conviently for her escape where the place is a super high class hotel. anyway the unknown hot babe was killed. and yes, Daniel Wu (called Jack in this movie) also come into this first part of the movie as a learner from two experienced police officers whom were later killed when a firewar began bwt the bodyguards and them. End of experienced police officers whom only best part is to order daniel to go and buy sandwich before they got killed.

The story then went more interesting. A female child boxer was shown winning at a boxing contest. A woman by the name of Madam M asked her if the girl wanted a better life. Nodding her head with the temperation of food and toys that Mad M gave her, the girl followed Mad M to a island along with one other girl. In this island, there are many similar age children. All of them were kidnapped by Mad M to this island. A girl whom cried for going back home was allowed but shot to death by Madam M guards. The island was surrounded by men with machine guns. All the girls undergone harsh training. Those whom tried to escape were killed without mercy.

Years passed, 6 years in fact. All the girls have grown into adults. Now Maggie Q is called Charlene and anya was called Katt. Charlene and Katt entered the island together and were v close friends. Mad M taught the girls everything related to killing--how to kill a man using bare hands, how to groom themselves to be attractive to man, how to use machine guns and be stronger than any army guys. In one survivor training, the girls were taken into a jungle where they must killed the guards, if not, the guards will killed them. It extremely funny again why those stupid guys can lose to a group of girls and why they were willing to sacrifice their lives. One night in the middle of the girls' sleep, Mad M woke them up and told them that the girls must killed the one sleepin beside them within 2 minutes and got of their room. One by One, the girls killed their friends and dragged the bodies out. It a bit violent over this part.. bit like battleroyle where senseless killing were made becoz of one mad person. Next Mad M announced that coming tml, only one survivor will leave.

The next day, the girls were brought to a room with lot of cage. They were told to selected a number each. They then entered a cage. If a girl picked number 1, she will fight with number 2 and 3. If the girl lives (she will only win if she killed number 2 and 3), she will fight with number 4,5 and 6 (noticed that the numbers she needed to kill are increased to 3), once again if she lives, she need to kill number 7,8, 9 and 10. Charlene was the lucky number one that was a super bad thing. However when it was turn to begin the fight or murder, katt (Charlene best friend)took her number 1. One by one, katt finished off all her rivals until the final four. The final four were Charlene, a cold hearted gal named Jing and two unkown poor gals that would be killed anyway. Jing killed the other gal beside her for being too talktive and Chalrene killed the other gal. Now it is a fight bwt Katt and Jing. In the end, Madam M announced that all three of them will be recruited as killers to strangthen their organisation.

The female killers were named Chinagirls by the police. Jing, Katt and Charlene murdered big shot bosses in 5 countries. Then, all of them arrived in HK.In one killing, Charlene shot a boss to death in front of her mum. Jack then chased Charlene whom hide in a ice cream lorry of all cars. I wonder why she is so stupid as to run inside a lorry and a ice cream lorry. The door was locked by the driver of the lorry. Inside, it was freezing cold and Jack and Charlene both had guns at each other. In the end, they both decided to drop their guns as it was freezing cold. I like the way Daniel dropped his jacket over Maggie shoulder..he so dashing. Anyway Charlene escaped.

Jack then went to Charlene mum house to monitor. Jack expected Charlene would come back to see her mum. Meanwhile Jing went to assinate Charlene mum and stabbed her. When Jack rushed out, he was beaten also by Jing. Just then, Charlene arrived and a fight begun.. In the end, Jing was killed by a broken piece of glass. Charlene and Jack then rushed to the hospital. Halfway, Jack told Charlene that he will take care of her mum and gave her his namecard. Clarlene then left.

Mad M received a job to kill a boss. She send a voice message to Katt and clarlene to come to a certain building. Once there, the girls realised they were tricked. Mad M was killed (in a curel way where hooks were hung to her body, it a good way to die for a cold hearted and evil woman anyway). Katt was captured while Charlene escaped. The mastermind wanted to kill Charlene and all those conencted to Madm M as his own boss were killed by Charlene.

The mastermind was calle Ryuichi. Katt was tied on her hands like a puppet while charlene arrived. Ryuichi chopped off Katt head in front of Charlene. End of Katt pathetic life. Then if u ever see Matrix, the fighting is just like the Matrix, jumping here and there. Then Charlene was blind by Ryuichi. However, using her sense of hearing and calmness, she managed to kill Ryuichi.

The story then went to a chinese temple where Jack prayed that he will see Clarlene again. It so happened that Clarlene also come a short while ago before Jack. The story ended with a unexplained romance where i think there is no love in the first place since no dating ever occured and Clarlene saying that she will surrendered.

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