Friday, April 08, 2005

Notty Cute sweetie

Jennifer say:

Yesterday morning i was sleepless early in the morning because of a bad sore troat..just went see doc yesterday too, get some medi for $20. I wake up at 230 am sleepless and cannot sleep..then i went to the living room where mum hamster is still up and busy reading newspaper. ha..sweetie come to find us also.. so funni to suddenly see her appear at the living room floor staring at us. Then i went back to my room to try sleepin somemore...try putin sweetie back on my bed too to sleep with me

today early moring at 5 plus am, sweetie duno why wake up and become v notty. she keep jumpin up at fat sister study desk. i caught her two time before she settle down on my bed. I was awoke by mum at 7 am telling me that dad not yet bring sweetie home so mum wan me to take sweetie home. Just when i about to turn into the corner to the lift area, sweetie come and meow at me before running super fast to our doorstep not even pausing to kapo at the malay neighbour whom busy tryin to open her door. so cute of sweetie.

dad said he pressed the lift wrongly at 6 floor instead of 8 floor..clever sweetie know it the wrong floor and did not rushed out of the lift when it opened at 6 floor..mum said sweetie know how to listen to "storey 8"...duno if it is true..ha

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Kai Ling said...

Haha... so clever meh? Know how to listen to storey 8 also.

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