Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Strait Times Digital Life rec Hot blog

Jennifer say:

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Today Straits Times Digital Life recommend a blogger site:


His blog in the newspaper is v interesting:(here what he wrote)

"And what will you have, miss?" I ask the other daugher. The dauggher looks up at me from under her hair. Suddenly i notice 'she' has a beard. 'I am not a girl', the newly-revealed young man sniffs defensively...the family finishes their meal. dad asks for the check. 'sorry for the mix-up' i say handling him the bill. saying nothing, he hands me a credit card..i warily look inside the check book. dad left me a US100 tip. i run up to the font to thank the man for his generosity. 'that waiter is a jerk,' i overheard the son syaing as he heads out the door. it was an honest mistake. Get a haircut!" the father calls out after him. Catching up with the father, i extend my hand. 'thank you sir!" i say. With a firm grip, he replies, "no. Thank YOU!." That was the most profitable faux pas i ever committed."

That the end of his blog..the reason i interested in his blog is becoz both my sister and i worked as waitress before dealing with snobbish customers too. however, when i visited his blog, it a real disappointment. all the past posts cannot be found. only those recently can be found and i am not too interested to read such a long paragraph of what he said to others in his blog..also i skip the comments..lot of bloggers must have love this waiter to write so many dozen comments that i dun bother to open to read or leave my personal views.

so mucht for the blog of the day recommended by digital life..next time, i am not goin to view any sites recommend to be blog of the week..my blog of the week is my fat sis and my blood one..i rather satisfied readin over and over again..esp blood group of big headed dogs..duno if all the dogs are his for good..

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