Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dogs and Cats

Jennifer say:

There a movie called "Dogs and Cats" where Dogs and cats are rivals. In real life, dogs and cats are similar.

Here the ways my cat try to act as a dog:
1) buying a dog leash for her (not yet trained her as she refuse to walk, bite the leash when i make her wear it)

2) respond to simple she understand "Up", followed by my hand on my bed meaning to ask her to come up to my bed and
"Out" meaning to get lost of the bed when she put her bum down and do not want to move
and the metal bowl with metal spoon sound meaning sweetie got food to eat
and "姐姐要去冲凉了" meaning i goin to bath so sweetie will wait outside bathroom for me to come out
and "bye bye sweetie" meaning sweetie in jail now
and no one at home and "我 要 出 去 了!" meaning that I am goin to work
and sweetie will stand on her hind legs to look at me from the door
and "爸爸回来了" meaning father is back and sweetie will sometimes go to see father

3) responsive to our calling when we called sweetie

4) roll on her back when she wants a pat

5) go out to pee and poo instead of having a normal litter box like any other cats

6) bite my hand or jump at my leg when i did not give her enought attention (duno if dogs do that since i never has a dog b4)

7)play hide and seek with us by hiding behind some object but forget her bum is too big to be hidden.. but in her mind, she think since her head is hidden, all of her are ostrick buryin her head in the sand..sound v similar to sweetie

8) meowin happy at us whenever dad took her home from her peepee

9) having a bath or wipe and wash her dirty legs (Dogs also have equally dirty legs, wonder if ppl make it a point to wash their dogs' legs..eeek)

10)Be in the kitchen every dinner time to see if her food is ready. Stand on hind leg when it is yummy time.

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