Friday, April 22, 2005

What can a cat leash / belt do?

Jennifer say:

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My fat sister send two cat leash from HK to singapore two weeks ago. One is a cat belt and the otehr is a cat leash.
I still not figure out how to leash a cat and as for sweetie, she seem extremely hyper when i leashed her to test run. In the end, the leash that is supposed to be round her body was off her body. somehow she managed to pull it off her body so it hung round her fat legs.

For the cat belt, it extremely helpful. always buy those with a nice bell just like what sweetie is wearing.
here how it is v good:
1) u will no longer be spook by ur cat as the ring 'warn' u of the cat whereabout
2) when ur cat groom herself, there will be the PLEASANT sound of the ring, this show ur cat is extremely clean
3)when it jumped on ur bed, u will know (just like sweetie when she decide to jump on mum bed while she sleep but her bell give her away)
4) When u wish to find ur cat and call desperately for her. she will respond by moving and u can hear the ringin of her bell
5)It v comeical to hear the ringin when ur cat shake her head.

Some 'dangers' of a cat belt
1) always ensure ur cat cannot put her paw into the belt..once sweetie put her paw rite inside the belt, she ended in a funny manner till i rescue her.
2) alway remove the belt at nite as u do not want to be wake up in the middle of the nite when ur cat is grooming esp early morning at 5 am
3) alway remove ur cat belt when u wan her to go out to poo poo in the early mornin at 6 am plus. u dun wan the whole world to know there a cat out there.

Now sweetie has get used to her cat belt, i goin to begin trainin for her cat leash later when i feel like it. Meanwhile, i duno what i should teach her since she a smart cat. Maybe teach her to use the toilet bowl. hmm.

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