Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cat Fan Club

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, when sister came back from her P/T job as a surveyor , she told us that she got to know someone from the Cat Fan Club. Mum was like :"huh, club? what club, cat welfare is it?". Sister then said she got to know a family that is going to adopt two abandoned kittens. The two kittens are only one month old and were picked up by her neighbour. It was very lucky for the two babies to have found a home that fast.

Sister's job requires her to go to houses to 'interview' students on a list of questionaire set by the NIE. So she get to know all kinds of kids and their parents - some spolit brats, some well-behaved, some whom have their mummy as their voices.........

Yesterday's family loves cats. The family started to talk about cats with sister when they saw sister's laptop with a DD xiong wallpaper. In fact, most family whom loved cats will start chatting about cats when they saw DD's picture.

The mum asked sister to take her to buy some cat stuff for the two kittens. Today, sister and I went together with the mum, mum's sister and the daughter. They bought a cage, netro cat food, Science diet kitten wet canned food and two toys.

The mum told us that her husband did not like cat but she just insisted on having cats. Her daughter is also sensitive to fur but the mum want her daughter to get used to fur. I like what she said " you cannot hate animal mainly because you are sensitive to the fur. I want my daughter to love animals too."

The daughter,Amanda was very excited about the new kittens - she also wanted to buy leash for the far, i think only san is able to train her cats to be leashed - or put it this way, i only know san is able to train all her cats to be leashed. I tried to put one on DD whom went bizarre over that strange object that she failed to remove. Amanda finally decided that her cats are not going to be leashed.

On our way back, we past by the medical shop where i went in to buy some lozenge for my throat. My throat felt funny once again - *sigh*, hopefully it is not going to be another cold attack. The shop owner then told the mum about her fat cat that she had given away.

The medical shop used to have a fat cat but the cat was given away as the owner claimed that he did not wanted the cat to mess with the herbs in the shop. I found it funny for the excuss the owner gave for giving away the cat. If only the owner allowed the cat to go up to their house instead of locking the cat down the shop, there will not be any problem. The poor cat is only allowed to stay in the shop while the owner stay upstair. But fortunately for the cat, the owner is very responsbile- they did an extra effort to try to find a home for the cat. The owner managed to find a home for the cat whom is adopted by the fish shop owner.

The mum then drove sister and I home.

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