Friday, October 13, 2006

Introducing Mimi

This is mimi, one of our community cats at my area. I cannot get a good snap of him as it was rather dark. I only get to feed him once every night.

How time flies. From a tiny 2 month-old kitten, mimi is now around 8-9 month old. Still remember the first time sister and I discovered him. We were feeding Nana when we heard a pitiful meow. We went to look under the drain and saw this newly-abandoned kitten looking very scared and refused to come out for food. We put the food in the drain for him to eat. In the next 4-5 days, mimi ate his food under the drain.

Slowly, mimi get to know Ginger, another community cat. Ginger act as foster daddy to mimi and taught mimi that we are his friends. Mimi started to trust us.He could eat in the open instead of under the drain.

Mimi was sterilized in July. He was in a sorry state at that time - a bloody nose that had turned black. Fortunately mim recovered very well.

Every day, mimi will appear under the bushes and when he see us, he will jump and greet us with joyful meows. We will take him to the senior citizen corner that is quieter and feed him. After meal time, mimi will lick his mouth with a 'I am full and happy look'. He will follow us halfway home and then stared at our backs as we disappeared further and further away.

Mimi has two other nicks - mi tao (Peach) and mi tao xiao wang zi (Prince Peach). Mimi has two black patches on the middle of his body that i called them tian1 yan3(heavenly eyes). I told sister that his heavenly eyes is to protect him and his other friends from dangers such as stupid people that do nothing but complaining about cats in the street. Sister said that mimi's black patches at his back looked like extra-large diaple. I suddenly remembered Superman that wear his underwear outside... maybe mimi is a supercat as well.

mum said that mimi has the survivor skill to be able to live in the street for so long. Some cats that are abandoned either disappeared or were caught. As i said, mimi is a supercat with super stong will to survive. Posted by Picasa

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